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local 672B

  1. #!/bin/bash
  2. # Runs just Hugo server for local authoring
  3. # (changes will not be deployed or live streamed over the
  4. # peer-to-peer web. For that, use the ./live script.)
  5. # Start Hugo server.
  6. #
  7. # The baseURL and appendPort flags are set to overwrite the default behaviour
  8. # of Hugo when run with the server option which is to write absolute URLs
  9. # as localhost:<port> regardless of the setting of baseURL in the config.toml
  10. # file. Since we do not have a separate build/deploy phase to the live server,
  11. # we want the site as it would exist on the server to exist on the client.
  12. hugo server --buildDrafts --renderToDisk --baseURL= --appendPort=false